Backup battery - Lithium - Rechargeable - 3.7 V - 900 mAh - Compatible with alarm panels


Lithium battery. Voltage 3.7 V and amperage 900 mAh. It is compatible with the alarm panels (see Pro..

Indoor siren - Wireless - Internal antenna - Power 90 dB and flashing light - Interior use - Direct Plug&Play connection to AC 220 V


Siren 90 dB for interior, with flashing light. It communicates wirelessly with the alarm panel, an..

RC-80: 2 Multi-function remote(s) - Wireless - Arming, silent arming and partial arming - Disarmed - SOS button (panic) - Led indicator


The pack includes 2 remote(s) which allow diverse operations at a maximum distance of 80 metres. A..

Solar outdoor siren - Wireless - Internal antenna - Power 110 dB - Suitable for exterior use - Solar panel power supply


Siren 110 dB suitable for outdoor, powered by solar panels, with flashing light. It communicates w..

SOS button (panic) - Wireless - Lightweight with key loop - Activates the alarm panel - Panel armed or disarmed - Suitable for elderly people


Wireless panic button which when pressed informs the alarm system, which will perform the programm..

Standalone keypad - Wireless - Internal antenna - Permits arming/disarming - Compatible with proximity tags - Power supply 3 AAA batteries 1.5 V LR6


Independent keypad to arm / disarm alarm system. It is compatible with the alarm panel with which ..

TAG-26: 2 Proximity fob(s) - Radiofrequency - RFID Tag - Function disarmed - Small aesthetic design - Maximum security


Pack includes 2 proximity key-chain tag(s) which can be used to disarm the alarm by passing the ta..

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