Fog Generators

Defendertech - Disinfectant generator - Up to 180m3 - Fixed solution - Up to 9 capacity shots - Doesn't leave traces after emission


Defendertech Disinfectant generator Disinfects up to 180 m3160mL Portable solution..

Defendertech - Liquid refill - 0.5L - Specifically for DT-400


DefendertechFog liquid refill0.5 LSpecifically for DT-400..

Defendertech - Liquid refill - 1.5L - Specifically for DT-800


DefendertechFog liquid refill1.5 LSpecifically for DT-800..

Defendertech - Nozzle extension - "Shot Back" launch - Up to 200 mm - Adjustable - For the entire DT series


DefendertechNozzle extension"Shot Back" launchUp to 200 mmAdjustableFor the entire DT series..

RFOG - WiFi Antenna - Installation with URCLWF - Provides the system with wireless communication


URFOGWiFi antenna to provide wireless communication to the fog control unitsRequires URCLWF board fo..

URFOG - Fog liquid refill - 0.5 L - Specifically for FPU03ESM200A - Easy to refill


URFOGFog liquid refill0.5 LSpecifically for FPU03ESM200AEasy to refill..

URFOG - Fog liquid refill - 0.75 L - Specifically for FPU03ESM200A - Easy to refill


URFOGFog liquid refill0.75 LSpecifically for FPU03ESM400AEasy to refill..

URFOG - Fog liquid refill - 1 L - Specifically for FPU03ESM800A - Easy to refill


URFOGFog liquid refill1 LSpecifically for FPU03ESM800AEasy to refill..

URFOG - LAN Board - Allows you to connect the control panels to the cloud - Allows remote monitoring - Real-time machine vision - Installation cables included


URFOGLAN board for connecting smoke generators to the cloudAllows remote monitoring of machinesReal-..

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