Introduction of the X-Secuity HDCVI Line



Introduction of the X-Security IP Line



Also CCTV Benelux is sponsoring Joey Swart!!

Today three cameras built-in.

Now we can see live what's he doing on his race.

Goodluck on Zandvoort !!



The whole new THR series analog recorders are in

Camsec THR-04K 4-kanaals Realtime 960H DVR, 1TB  Camsec THR-08K 8-kanaals Realtime 960H DVR, 1TB Camsec THR-16K 16-kanaals Realtime 960H DVR, 1TB

Click on the picture to see what's new !!!



After years of absence, we will be present this year



As of monday 14-10-2013 there will be a week-cracker, two products with prices so low......

enjoy and order !!!!



Now you can create in a very simple way for you or your customer a quote, print it and save it under a chosen name.

  1. Choose the products you need for yourself or the project and place them in your shopping cart
  2. Go to Checkout
  3. On the right side you will see "Save / Print Cart"
  4. Bottom "Print as Tender", the cart will now be sent to your mail, you can print it
  5. To save him, you give it a name in the box "Name" and then click on "Save"
  6. Your saved tenders can be found under "Saved Carts"
  7. Do you want to have the Quotation back on your screen, choose the desired quote and press "Merge", the quote appears on the screen, you can then adapt or send as order to us. Choose



As from juni 1st there are whole new 4, 8 and 16 channel realtime 960H DVR's available.

As Pre-order you can order max. 2 per person for an introduction off 50% discount.

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Open vacancy for a technical guy

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