VGA Converter

24-pin DVI-I (m) to 15-pin SVGA (f) video adapter - 1 unit


24-pin DVI-I (m) to 15-pin SVGA (f) video adapter..

DVI (M) - VGA (F) adapter - 1 unit


24 pin DVI-I (m) to 15 pin SVGA (f) adapter plugIntegrated locking screwsReliable fixing by screwsSt..

Mini DisplayPort naar VGA adapterstekker, zwart - 1 unit


Mini DisplayPort (M) naar VGA (F) adapterstekker Geschikt voor o.a. Apple MacBook (Air/Pro) en..

Video converter, Inputs: VGA, SVIDEO or BNC Video, Output: VGA, Multiple supported resolutions, NTSC, PAL and SECAM video system, Image Settings by OSD menu


Adapter BNC video signals and S-Video to VGA. Transforms the composite video signal output equi..

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