Akuvox aims to provide installers with an affordable option of video door intercom systems with 100% cloud-based connectivity to host a wider range of installation types and deliver top quality in all their projects.

akuvox cloud

Each installer has Access to the Akuvox cloud, from which they can manage all their installations. Through this portal, they can generate new end users in each installation, and they can link the devices easily, by only introducing the MAC number of the device in the account of the end-user. Once they arrive to the installation, they will only need to connect the devices to the network and, as soon as they have internet coverage, the devices will automatically synchronize, both by local network and cloud.

The end user will have a user-friendly app called SmartPlus, available both for Apple and Android. With this App, the user will receive remote calls through push notifications, and they can also open the directional audio with the panels or with the monitors, or even make calls among other members of the family through the App.

akuvox intercom

Apart from this, the app also has an end-user portal through Akuvox cloud, in which they will be able to set device parameters or create more family members that can have access to the installation.

The range of monitors of the Brand is remarkably complete, starting on a Linux monitor with ONVIF protocol network connection to visualize security cameras, devices and apps directory, and register of calls, as well as the same monitor including Wi-Fi that can be located in places which wired networks can’t reach.

On the other hand, there are also Android monitors available, both for 6.0 and 9.0 versions, depending on the model of the monitor, which also admit installation of Android apps, including Google services that are required in many installations. They are renowned for their smooth flow and power, and they admit installation of Smarthome apps, as well as using the monitor as a controller or installing, for example, the Ajax alarm app, to arm and disarm the system easily.

cloud based intercom

As for the panels or external stations, there is a wide range of devices available, from a stylish and slim model specific for frames, with an aesthetic plastic design, up to anti-vandalism aluminum alloy video intercoms, with a screen and featuring face recognition. These devices also have IR-based night vision similar to that of a high-quality security camera, and a horizontal opening of over 100 degrees so that, even if it is located on a side wall, the person calling is always visible.

There are different panel models that can adapt to different scenarios. Available for single-family houses, in which there is usually one panel with one or two monitors. Also, for installations in a company’s premises, a sector with ever-growing demand, which usually have many external stations and monitors, reaching even big buildings with many homes, with directory panels and independent homes.

cloud intercom system

The external stations have a wide variety of opening modes in the door, with the installation of this kind of video intercoms, the physical key falls to a secondary position. They have keychain or radiofrequency cards openings and multi-technology readers, which read in LF 125KHz EM or in Mifare HF 13.56MHz. Apart from this, they also have the NFC technology which allows opening by approaching the smartphone. Apart from this, some panels feature opening through Bluetooth, temporary codes and of course through the monitor or SmartPlus app.

As for the audio of these video intercoms, the Crystal Clear technology used by Akuvox provides calls with bidirectional-audio to be neat, clear and without interferences. Furthermore, they also have active noise cancelling, capable of identifying other users talking in the background, or car noises, so that they are not heard in the loudspeaker of the receiver, thus leaving only the relevant audio.

This system’s Cloud-based technology allows the installation of devices in different locations as required, without the need of them being in the same network, and avoiding complicated installations through VPN, with the multi-site connection, the installer will only need to create the account of the end-user, set the MAC number with which they’re synchronized and once connected to the internet, the devices can make calls as if they were connected to the same network, but through the powerful cloud that this manufacturer has.

cloud intercom

These devices, based on IP technology, with an enviable cloud system in the sector, are compatible with SIP protocol, thus being compatible with known SIP 2.0 servers, such as Asterix.

Akuvox already works on IP devices based on 2-wire installation, so that the manufacturer is able to take old installations to the cloud which, by reusing their wires, will make the most of the futuristic cloud that the manufacturer has.

Finally, Visiotech, as distributor of video door entry systems and Access control, has a wide range of 2-wire IP video intercoms, as well as all the necessary accessories.


Introducing Akuvox SmartPlus, Smart Cloud-based Intercom Service for Multifamily Buildings