Payment and Shipping

Below is the process of ordering products in the Online Order System CCTV Benelux described.

The new Online Order System CCTV Benelux.

  • Thank you for visiting us
  • If you are already a customer of ours, then you must still register.
  • We will all applications closely so you keep existing customers as a minimum waiting period for logging.
  • Please read a little further for the operation of our Online Order System.

Registration, Login, and prices!

  • New or existing customer?
  •  Are you an existing customer, please provide your email address and password and click "Login" button.
  •  Are you a new customer click on "Register".
  •  Fill in all required information, and then click "OK".
  • Receive, within 36 hours, to the specified email address a confirmation email. After your account is created and you can finally start ordering.
  • All prices are displayed only if you are registered and logged.

How do I order products?

  • All prices are for you as an existing customer NET indicated, in other words, your discounts are already included in this price.
  • While online shopping in the Online Order System select products by this in the cart (you can use the button "Order" ).
  • If you have all the products you wish to order, you can find at the top of the screen, the button “Shopping Cart”, click on it.
  • You can then choose "checkout" or "continue shopping".
  • Click on 'checkout'.
  • In the screen that you will see you can enter various data to process your order, such as;
    • Step 1: Desired way of settling (It can come to us but one way and that is by invoice, this step is therefore automatically beaten).
    • Step 2: Billing Address (Here you can specify a different billing address than what is entered).
    • Step 3: Delivery Address (Must order delivered to a different address than the "home address", you can enter it here).
    • Step 4: Shipping method (Netherlands €10.00, Belgium €11.50, Luxembourg €12.50, Germany €15.00).
    • Step 5: Payment Method (Can only on account, do not forget to tick that you have read the terms and conditions?).
    • Step 6: Confirm order (Check it and if everything is correct, click "Confirm Order." From this moment your order is final and your order will be forwarded to CCTV Benelux).

Description of the follow-up process by CCTV Benelux

  • The orders of the Online Order System are treated from Monday to Friday.
  • We strive all orders received before 14:00 are, if available, send the same day.
  • In the above line, there are a few exceptions, namely, all PC-based recorders are we assembled, this implies that these recorders after assemble must run on test for two or three days, so you can receive a perfectly working machine after a day of four.

Following are the conditions relating to the shipment of products ordered in the Online Order System is described.

  • CCTV Benelux charges for every delivery in the Benelux.
  • All shipments are shipped with packet service, this happens on weekdays (Monday to Friday) between 8:00 am and 17:00 pm.
  • The products are well packed in the original packaging so that it cannot be damaged during shipment.